Claims & Cancellations Request

Online Claim & Cancellation Requests for Sentry Auto Care Products

For claims processing please follow the procedures outlined below:


  1. Have vehicle towed to avoid additional damage
  2. If your contract number starts with VSC then have your repair facility call 1-877-938-3332 all other contract holders please call 1-844-241-5518
  3. Do not authorize any repair until your repair facility calls in your claim for authorization.


  1. Settle your claim with your Insurance Co.
  2. Contact your selling Dealership
  3. Remit your claims form and supporting docs
  4. For assistance, if your contract number begins with APPG then call 1-888-366-3774.  All other GAP contract holders please call 1-855-883-1023


Please fill out the Cancellation Form below for each product that you are cancelling and email with any required documents to

To cancel both a warranty and a gap you will need one form for each contract.  For further assistance please contact us at

Cancellation Form